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Arch Ultimatum XXXX Ale
Arch Amber Ale Bottle

ARCH AMBER ALE, bright brass color with a cream tint to its long-lingering lacy head. Clean fresh aroma, biscuit, citrus, cherry & toffee. Complex flavor starts with a mild caramel malt tone, followed by cutting crisp & complex hop flavors. German Lager meets British Ale. Thirst-quenching with a beery balanced almond-cedar influence, a smooth & perfect body. Exquisite aftertaste features sublime fruit, as the intense hop bite fades quickly into a pleasant dry mineral hard water finish that invites another. Made with 5 malts, 5 hops, hard water. ABV 4.9%

Arch Sunshine Ale Bottle

ARCH SUNSHINE KRISTALL WEIZEN honey-blonde with grist >40% malted wheat. Unlike cloudy light ‘wheat beers’, ARCH KRISTALL WEIZEN is brewed SUNSHINE strong & filtered, retaining a slight chill haze. ALL-SEASON & ALL WEATHER beer made with 2- row barley, hopped like a Pilsner, with Czech, German hops, and made with pure soft New England water. Features naturally-occurring flavors of nutmeg, vanilla, clove, green raisin, & pear, all topped by a spicy hop nose. Our lightest color beer- our strongest by alcohol content. ABV 6.2%

Arch Indian Pale Ale Bottle

ARCH IPA has a cherry-mahogany red appearance, dense and lacy head lasts all the way down. Bold hoppy aroma, (hint of tangerine), almond & pine. Mild malt- nose, & cream up front in the flavor. With first sip, the thirst-quenching hop flavors race from the front of the palate to the molars, and back. Hint of malt flows through in a second wave, without sweetness. The best of the West Coast hop-monster craft brews meets the more balanced traditional British Isles IPAs. Smooth drinkable body, on the lighter side. The aftertaste has a crisp fleeting reiteration of the hop aroma, refreshingly fancy & draft-like. ABV 5.9%

Praying Mantis Porter Bottle

Named after CT‘s state insect, an Award Winner at the Great International Beer Competition. Our seasonal PRAYING MANTIS PORTER pours opaque and dark brown, ruby at the edges. The creamy head emits enticing sweet grain and freshly-baked bread scents. The foretaste is roast-malt, merging quickly with caramel, biscuit and a rich feel. Medium body and dry finish makes our traditional porter the perfect session beer. “There is a soothing welcome, milkshake quality to the Mantis.” Kerry Callahan, The Hartford Courant Microbrew Review…”This is what a porter is supposed to be. The flavor is sweet and roasty and the finish is dry…picked up notes of vanilla…”well made” summed it all up.” Expert Tasting Panel, Yankee Brew News. ABV 5.9%


Be prepared before the undertaking.  ARCH ULTIMATUM is brewed with Pale, Crystal, and Chocolate Barley malts, complemented by Malted Wheat. Hopped with Summit, Cascade, and Willamette hops to an Original Gravity of 1.095, 9.4% ABV.  A breath-taking accompaniment to all food, just as satisfying as a nightcap. Not an everyday beer, lay it down in your cellar for a special occasion. ARCH ULTIMATUM should beneficially mature for many years. Best after bottling date, best before Armageddon. ABV 9.4%